5 Texas Festivals You’ll Want To Check Out This Fall

For many, fall is one of the most wonderful seasons, especially in Texas. It signals a respite from the brutal summer heat as well as a transition into the beautiful seasonal changes of a Texas autumn. This time of year is also full of something else fun and enjoyable to all, festivals. Each year the many different cities in the great state of Texas offer a long list of interesting and quirky festivals that leave no interest or curiosity unexplored. Some of the more popular festivals take place during the Spring, such as the Bluebonnets Festival and Juneteenth. However, the Fall offers up its own share of amazing festivals to experience and enjoy. Here are 5 Texas festivals you’ll want to check out this fall. 1. The Chappell Hill Lavender and Wine Festival Chappell Hill, Texas is home to The Chappell Hill Lavender farm and home of the Chappell Hill Lavender and Wine Festival. This farm contains thousands of lavender plants in varying varieties. It is truly a dream for those who love the scent of lavender or use the plant heavily for crafts or recipes. Each year the farm hosts its own festival in which, you can sample and purchase soaps, candles, spa products, and other gift items. They also team up with Windy Winery to provide their lavender wine while enjoying the live music, grape stomping, and various other festivities that take place. 2. The Washington County Fair Started in 1868 the Washington County Fair has almost reached Continue reading 5 Texas Festivals You’ll Want To Check Out This Fall Continue reading 5 Texas Festivals You’ll Want To Check Out This Fall

Spend Labor Day At The Grand Canyon On A Scenic Las Vegas Bus Tour

Labor Day is almost here, so it’s time to finalize your plans for the holiday. One great idea is to take a trip to the Grand Canyon, but if you want to do that, you need to make your reservations soon because the bus tours are so popular they sell out in advance. A Scenic Tour That Lasts All Day Vegas bus tours are available to the South Rim and the West Rim, and they depart early every morning. These tours provide you with a full day of fun, and you should expect to be gone from 7am-9pm for the tour. It’s a good idea to reserve the entire day for the tour and not make any definite plans for a show or dinner the same evening. No matter which rim you visit, your bus will take you over Hoover Dam and past Lake Mead along the way. That’s just a small taste of the amazing sights you’ll get to see when you take a bus tour. The tour bus offers very comfortable seating, restrooms, and climate control, so you will be comfortable all during your trip. The West Rim is a highly recommended destination choice, and one of the reasons is because the Skywalk is located there, and you don’t want to miss walking out 70 feet beyond the rim and standing 4000 feet above the Canyon floor on a floor of glass. One of the bus tours, you’ll get to see major landmarks in the Canyon and there Continue reading Spend Labor Day At The Grand Canyon On A Scenic Las Vegas Bus Tour

The 10 Most Popular Sights in Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is Sweden’s center of trade and commerce, having it accorded with the capital city status by it’s government. Looking at a map, it is situated on a group of different isles in Lake Malar towards the Baltic. The beauty and charm of this city lies in its geographical location – the land mingling with its waters. This unique feature creates astonishing sights – fringe of seaside towns, steep cliffs rearing upwards from the clear blue sea, and the complex waterway patterns all over. But there is more to this city. It is a home to 3 heritage sites as recognized by UNESCO – Birka (or the Viking City in Björkö), the palace of Drottningholm, and the Skogskyrkogården cemetery. Furthermore, Stockholm is known for its internationally-acclaimed art galleries, Nobel institutes, theaters and museums. Plus, touring all over the city has never been easier with its world-class, modern railway transportation underground. Through this, you can get around easy and fast, anywhere you like to. They also have available buses ready to take you towards your next destination, especially when the next railway station is a distance away. However, you can always choose to walk in order to fully enjoy the beauty of this magnificent city. You can also see their dedicated bicycle lanes in every streets, which makes Stockholm a very eco-friendly place. But wait, here’s more. Know More About Their History at the Old Town You will see buildings and architectural wonders who has been around the town since the Continue reading The 10 Most Popular Sights in Stockholm, Sweden

The First Timer’s Guide To A Fabulous Mountain Retreat Vacation

Heading to the mountains as a first timer could be a scary experience, but as with any vacation, a little planning makes it easier. Here is a quick guide to having a fabulous mountain retreat vacation: 1. Plan Out Your Packing – It may seem a little weird, but take some time to plan out your packing. Lay things out and see what it is that you need to have on your trip. Make sure things fit in your luggage. Think about what you want/need/have to wear as mountain climates can have very different temperatures depending on time of day & elevation. 2. Look for Deals & Savings – Keeping money in your pocket is always a good thing. When planning your first mountain retreat, take the time to find out what deals there are for traveling at certain times during the week/month/season. Sometimes lodges have special discounts available, so it never hurts to ask. 3. Find The Right Place – When planning your retreat, find the facility that is best for you. Nothing sours a vacation more than not having anything to do or being face-to-face with activities that are just not your thing. Call ahead and find out what your destination has to offer and shop around. 4. Remember, it is the mountains – Experts advise that you plan for altitude sickness. Moving up and down various elevations may not always agree with your body. Talk to your doctor and ask about what you can do to keep Continue reading The First Timer’s Guide To A Fabulous Mountain Retreat Vacation

Australia – Top 7 Places to Visit

No doubt, Australia is one of the most compulsive countries with a strong tourism perspective that has something for all. From the rich cultural beauty of heritage, places of visits to the pristine beaches and tropical wildlife to the fast impacting modern historical structures to the fascinating sky – kissing skyscrapers, the country has all of them that attracts thousands of tourists from across the world. The tourism of Australia provides great potential and fabulous opportunities for tourists to explore the attractions that never fail to impress your heart and the holiday seekers who flew from across the world to this wonderful country. Places to visit Melbourne Australia’s largest city is Melbourne. Filled with exciting tourism places that are simply tempting and fascinating. You can see plenty of tourist spots and explore some of the exciting places that include the rectangular stadium, crown casino, ice house, Eureka Skydeck and much more. These are just a few of the tourist attractions that can keep you engaged and cheerful. Tasmania Australia tour packages from India also include Tasmania, an island that is visited by millions of visitors from the nook of the world. The island is a must visit that is so clean and fresh and offers wonderful touring experiences in the country. Sydney Sydney, one of the most popular places in the country. Sydney has plenty of tempting and amazing tourist spots such as Harbour bridge, Double Bay, Royal Botanical Gardens, Coogee and other interesting places to visit. All of these Continue reading Australia – Top 7 Places to Visit

5 Popular Things to Do in Jimbaran, Bali

Jimbaran is a must visit destination in Bali with its beautiful coastlines, beaches and seafood dinners. For the traveler to Jimbaran, the best way to relax is to enjoy the local beaches. But, this isn’t only a destination to relax, lay and swim on the beach; there are also plenty of other attractions that aren’t too far away. Here are five of the popular things to do in Jimbaran. Uluwatu Temple One of Bali’s most iconic landmarks is the Uluwatu Temple (also called Pura Luhur Uluwatu) which helps to create a stunning setting that is surrounded by coastal forest and inhabited by the long-tailed macaques. This is also a great destination for those that want to experience the wonder of Bali’s dramatic sunsets. Other great attractions in the local area include the open amphitheatre that is just 100 meters from the temple and is a perfect spot to admire the fire dance performances that take place on a daily basis. Garuda Wisnu Kencana The Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park covers an area of nearly 250 hectares and is an open-air and multi-purpose site. There are plenty of exhibits and cultural performances to visit throughout the park. There is also the gigantic statue of the Hindu God Vishnu which stands in the region of 145 meters. New Kuta Green Park The New Kuta Green Park is a great leisure and fun zone that is intended for the entire family, with outdoor activities available like lazy rivers, slides and pools. In addition Continue reading 5 Popular Things to Do in Jimbaran, Bali

Some Facts and Figures About the Amazing City of Dubai

Can you imagine first of all that the crimes’ rate in Dubai is around 0%?! In fact, there are only quite a few incidents of crimes that occur in the city. This is considered to be the highest safety rate to be found anywhere in the world due to the high-tech security systems and the state of well-being everyone is feeling in Dubai. This is considered among one of the reasons why tourists started booking their tours to Dubai. Would you believe that one of each four skyscrapers in the world is located in Dubai. The city has around 25% of the cranes that are used to construct huge buildings in the world. Several travellers who tour Dubai enjoy watching these marvelous huge constructions and sky capers. Another fascinating architectural fact about Dubai is that the sand that was used to construct the Palm Island is enough to build around three Empire States buildings. The amount of sand needed to establish the island was estimated to be around 94 million square meters of sand, while the Empire State Building required only 37 square meters of sand. The city has much amazement that grabs the attention of many vacationers to enjoy their holidays in Dubai. Dubai welcomes a huge number of tourists every year. This number is truly quite enormous to the extent that the number of tourists who visited the city in 2013 exceeded the number of inhabitants of the city of Shenzhen in China, the 10th largest city in Continue reading Some Facts and Figures About the Amazing City of Dubai

Sun City – South Africa

Sun City is a luxury resort and casino that is situated in the North West Province of South Africa. This wonderful resort is located about 2 hour’s drive from Johannesburg near the city of Rustenburg. It is nestled between the Elands River and Pilanesberg. It borders the Pilanesberg Game Reserve. Sun City was developed during the 70’s by the hotel magnate, Sol Kerzner as part of his Sun International group of properties. It was officially opened on the 7th of December 1979 and was located in the Bantustan of Bophuthatswana. South Africa’s government at the time declared Bophuthatswana an independent state although no other country recognised this. During the 70’s gambling and topless shows were banned in South Africa, but it was allowed in Bophuthatswana which ensured that Sun City became a very popular holiday and weekend away destination. The United Nations imposed a cultural boycott on South Africa in condemnation of apartheid. Kerzner offered substantial financial incentives to performing artists to use Sun City as a venue. Many artists performed at the venue including the Beach Boys, Cher, Linda Ronstadt, Frank Sinatra, Status Quo, Rod Stewart and Elton John. Queen also performed here in 1984 which caused lots of criticism in the British music press. This venue has hosted a heavyweight boxing championship fight between American Mike Weaver and South African Gerrie Coetzee as well as Miss South Africa, Miss South Africa Teen and Miss World pageants. Sun City continues flourishing since Bophutatswana was re-incorporated into South Africa in Continue reading Sun City – South Africa

Top 3 Relaxing Destinations in Bulgaria

Golden Sands Golden Sands resort is arranged 19 km from Varna, a coastal city in Bulgaria that I’ve mentioned before. It converges with St. Konstantin and Elena Resort and Riviera resort. Golden Sands is the biggest resort on the north side of the Black Sea. The resort is popular for its golden sands and pure coastline. The resort is rich in lavish vegetation and with the various trees and bushes it looks like a genuine park. Golden Sands is set apart as a Blue Flag resort, that is the shorelines and the ocean at Golden Sands constantly cleaned and are contamination free. There are many inns of various classes and costs in the resort, the vast majority of which are arranged in the midst of nearby forests. The resort offers a water park and a lot of opportunities for water sports and games in and around the beach. The hotels are mostly high class offering volleyball nets and waterpolo goals for the sports enthusiasts. If not, the beach is always equipped with nets and goals to play in the early morning or late afternoon. Gradina The name translates to “Garden” and is a “camper resort” meaning that it lacks hotels and camping villas, but it’s a camping site where people sleep in tents and sleeping bags, as well as caravanes and campers and at night drink and party on the beach. It’s a very worry-free environment predominantly exploited by youngsters and hippies but lots of people vacation there during the Continue reading Top 3 Relaxing Destinations in Bulgaria

Top Things to Do in Greece

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is also the centre of ancient civilization. It has many interesting tourist spots and beautiful beaches. There are also many things to do in Greece, including the following: 1. Enjoy the wonderful panoramic view of Santorini, Greece. Santorini is full of beautiful buildings, majestic hills and interesting pathways. It is definitely a piece of heaven on Earth. If you are in Greece, then avoid missing the great Santorini sunset. There are also lots of other things to do in Santorini. You can visit the volcanoes, churches, museums and monasteries around the area. 2. Visit the Greek gods and goddesses in the Parthenon. The Parthenon is an ancient temple nestled on top of the Acropolis. It was built for Athena, the goddess of courage, wisdom, war strategy and justice. The temple is one of the oldest structures in the world. The temple is now old and damaged, but still fascinating. Visiting the Parthenon is definitely one of the best things to do while in Greece. 3. Swim in Crete. Crete is one of the most beautiful islands in the whole world. It boasts of its own beautiful beaches, such as the Balos beach, Elafonissi beach, Rodakino beach, Matala beach, Tymbaki beach, and Istro beach. Note, however, that there are other things to do in Crete. You can do snorkeling and scuba diving. You can also charter a boat and go fishing. 4. Visit the Benaki Museum. The Benaki Museum Continue reading Top Things to Do in Greece